About The Team

Diana Collins – Founder, President 

Photographer: Jazz Caballero JOA Photography

Hi! My name is Diana and I am of many things!  Mother to my two girls, wife to my best friend Daniel, PPD survivor and postpartum doula student. I was simply living life as it came to me and never really dealing with my emotions until I got my big awakening when I lost my best friend. Sitting in that lonely hospital bed after yet another suicide attempt, I vowed to Sabrina that I will make sure no more mothers will have to struggle alone! Every since I’ve made that commitment, my whole life has changed. God brought these wonderful ladies listed below and made it our passion to educate others about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Not only have I been able to heal myself, we’ve received many emails from mothers sharing how we’ve also helped them! Sabrina taught me that life is too short and we must enjoy all the blessings that are given to us. 

Lindsay Gibson – Director


FB and Instagram: @authorlindsaygibson

 Hello! I am Lindsay and I am a Motivational Speaker, Writer, Doula, Trauma Yoga Instructor, Birth Psychology Specialist and Joy Restoration/Health Coach for Mamas. I wear many hats in the work that I do but my focus is helping to bring light back into women that promote inner healing. I am the creator of my 7-Week therapeutic writing series, “Journal Back to Joy.” Here in Connecticut, I also teach my JOYoga® series. They are yoga classes for women that are designed to prepare for Motherhood, mind, body and spirit, clear energy and restore JOY! I spend most of my time taking care of my two young blondie daughters, Lillian and Layla, being a wife to my Irish (brogue and all) husband Jason, and all that motherhood/wifely duties entail. I am also a mother to my angel son above, Joseph, whose love shines through me every day. My greatest passion is writing to inspire through my heart and through God. I am currently working on my first book, an inspirational memoir, entitled “Just Be” so stay tuned!

Erica Hauff – Secretary 


Hello! My name is Erica and I am many things… I’m a photographer, a scientist, friend, daughter, sister, motivator, but above all my favorite rolls so far have been a mother to our two perfect little girls and wife to my perfect supportive husband Bobby! I have a B.S. in Biochemistry, which gives me an interesting and unique perspective of the world. We all learn many lessons in life, but I’m a true believer that knowledge deserves to be shared! As a New York City native, life has brought our little family many places including San Diego, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, and now our current home right outside of Las Vegas, NV. Wanderlust in it’s finest! Life deserves to be lived, and one of the finest gifts in this life is that every day is just a little bit different from the last, so even on the worst of days, there is still so much to discover. So let’s share, discover and learn together.

Jessica Howell – Treasurer


Jessica Howell, a wife, and mom of two is a mompreneur on a mission. She is on a journey of finding the meaning of self, while also sharing her story of life experiences with others. Her passion was in the veterinary industry until she had children of her own. Switching from critters to two legged little humans was somewhat of a challenge. Going through a postpartum depression stage really opened her eyes to a new perspective. A new self-awareness of self-care, proper nutrition, and support. She became a representative with a company that helps “bridge the gap in what we should eat, and what we actually do.” While on this journey with nutrition, and self-growth, she aligned herself with a few other individuals on a mission. Together, a tribe was formed, and so began, The Always with Me Foundation. Aligning herself with this organization was the missing piece she had been looking for, and the foundation is on a mission to help other mamas know they are not alone. This has paved a path towards the future of becoming a doula and a wellness coach. She is always up for meeting new people and engaging in conversation.