Hello there and thank you for considering to donate to the Always with Me Foundation! God Bless you! The Always with Me team has loved creating such a wonderful outlet for you all. If this was able to save just one mom, think of all of the other moms that we can save!

In order for us to continue our groundbreaking work, we need the help of our community! Together, we will build a better place for our mothers.


The Always with Me Foundation is a 501c3 certified public nonprofit. Please contact us for more IRS information. 

Below you will find our current projects and where we need help the most!

What it takes to make our mission a reality! 

  • How much will it cost to send a postpartum doula to a mother in need? 

    • For one postpartum doula to help one mother, it will cost between $720 – $1,440. Our foundation will commit to visiting the mother once or twice a week for four hours each day. This service will last for up to six weeks postpartum.
  • State Fees 

    • The Always with Me Foundation is certified to do business and fundraise in Nevada and Connecticut.
    • Currently, we are looking to become compliant in Arizona and Ohio where our board secretary and treasurer resides. This will cost anywhere from $100 – $200 a year for each state.
  • How do we plan to fundraise? 

    • Accepting online donations
    • Social fundraising events
    • Grants
    • Corporate sponsors