Episode 24 – Katie’s Story

Katie Flores is a certified holistic health coach and weight-loss coach for moms.  She helps moms struggling to lose those stubborn pounds postpartum through 1:1 coaching, so they can beam with confidence and pass their new healthy lifestyle to their family.

Topics that were discussed:

  • Katie shares her home birth experience and helps me understand that it’s not as scary as we all thought!
  • We talk about midwives and the involvement throughout the whole pregnancy.
  • Birth plans- Katie recommends to of course be flexible but also educate yourself so that if something was to change, you’ll know how to make the right decision.
  • Katie talks about her journey through postpartum depression and emotional eating.
  • Self – care! It’s totally ok to take time for you! Katie shares what she does for self-care.

After show thoughts:

There was so that I’ve learned from Katie! Especially about educating yourself when it comes to your birth plan. Being flexible is very important but having a plan B wouldn’t be so bad either. We always talk about self-care in almost all of our episodes. That’s how important it is! We naturally feel guilty when we take time for ourselves but, we must not forget about our needs as well. When you take care of yourself, the happier your children will be.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s episode and learn something from Katie’s story. Remember you’re never alone and consider us as your PPD sisters!! We are all in this together! Anyone…High School Musical fan? No…?? Alright…moving on!

Much love ladies!!

How to reach Katie:

Website: http://KatieEFlores.com

Facebook: Join Katie’s postpartum support group!! Natural Postpartum Support


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