“You are enough” Necklace


You are enough! Let me repeat that one more time, YOU ARE ENOUGH! As mothers or even as women, we are so hard on ourselves and we tend to forget about us! It’s in our nature to take care of our family but boy, is it exhausting! I know that I felt that if I couldn’t get all the things done in one single day, that meant I was a bad mom and a failure of a wife. That’s simply not true! Look, being a mom and a wife is more than a full-time job! We are only human ladies. So, while you wear this piece and you’re feeling drained, look down and remember, YOU are enough! You are enough to your children, your significant other, and you are enough to me! <3 -Diana Collins

This beautiful hand stamped necklace was made by our founder, Diana. It is 18 inches long and has two green crystals that were also hand wired. Creating each piece was her way of healing so know that with every purchase you make you’ve helped her heal in hopes that you heal along with her! <3

(If you would like to have something changed or added to your necklace, please leave a comment or email Diana at Diana@alwayswithme.org)

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