[S03E001] Healing Old Wounds with Diana Collins

Episode Summary:

Hey ladies! Yes! The Always with Me Podcast is back and we are back for good! It’s been about a year since there has been a new episode and I am catching ya’ll up on all the things!

For anyone that follows me on social media, I may look like I was “mentally stable” whatever that looks like! It basically looks like I had my shit together when when I didn’t. But, I have a confession, I don’t have my shit together and I have been keeping myself busy so that I didn’t have to do the “work” on myself. Unforntuany, by doing this, I was slowing hurting my marriage! That was the wake up call I needed to start practicing what I preach.

Take a listen at today’s episode and learn what I am doing to heal myself so that I can finally start living a life I love and you can too!

Helpful Resources:

When The Bough Breaks A Documentary about Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Support International

2020 Mom

Nevada Maternal and Child Health Coalition


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