[S03E002] Letting Go of Anger with Diana Collins

Hey Mama! Have you ever felt angry over something and can’t seem to remember where that feeling came from in the first place? This is something that I’ve struggled with in Motherhood and even childhood! 

I am pushing 30 and I’ve reached a point in my life where I was exhausted with facing anger. Not only does it hurt me but my family was suffering as well.

Although I am still a working progress, here are two things I’ve done to start removing anger from my life.

  1. How do You Feel When You’re Scrolling Through Social Media? 
    • I know, I’m guilty of this but does social media make you feel envious or angry? Really look at how it’s making you feel and ask yourself, is it worth it? If looking at certain posts is making you feel gross, remove yourself from it. You’re the priority here and it’s not selfish to remove yourself from something that does not align with you!
  2. Be Careful with Who You Spend Your Time With. 

    “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn 

    • Who are you spending your time with? Your time and energy is valuable and you want to give that energy to people that are going to lift you up. If surround yourself with positive energy, you will become a positive person.
    • For me personally, it was difficult to remove toxic people in my life. They were not attacking me personally but whenever I was around them, all I would hear are negativity and If I made any type of positive advice, I would get shut down! It was not a fun feeling but I let that continue for years! 
    • So, really look at your tribe. Are they supporting you? Are they encouraging you? If not, this could be another source of your anger and any other type of negative feeling. 

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