[S03E003] Being Mindful with Sara Paye

About the Guest:

Sara Paye is both poet and advocate for mental wellness. A Vegas local, she loves boba tea, her family and gardening. She hosts an organization entitled Mindful Advocacy and would like to be a teacher when she grows up.

“I speak about things to celebrate, to dwell in and anticipate. For everything is being made new. And we may sing about it from high and low places, with loud hearts and wind-kissed faces.” – Sara Paye

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Episode Summary:

  • Sara shares what it means to be a mindful person and she says that it’s about noticing the emotions you are feeling every day. Notice those feelings of anger, hurt, or even joy and use those as alarms.
  • As someone that deal with bipolar disorder and take medications every day, how do you find the space to still practice mindfulness? Are you reaction to things a side effect to your medications or are they really something that you are feeling? Sara says that it’s not only important to notice these emotions but to also track them. She suggests to download an app called, “Symptom tracker”. You can also present this information to your physician and be an advocate for yourself.
  • Sara talks on her mental health journey and how she have been able to cope through all of it in the last few years. She shares about the moment she has realized it was time to really look into taking medication and the stigma she first felt but the truth is that there is no shame in taking psychiatric medications! You are not alone and deserve healing.

“Set yourself up for success by creating one goal at a time.” – Sara Paye

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