[S02E002] Breaking the Silence in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders with Stefani Reinold


When it comes to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, there is still work to be done to educate the community and medical professionals!

According to Postpartum Support International, 1 in 7 Mothers can be affected by a mood disorder. However, that is only counting the women who came forward about their illness.

Stefani and I shine some light on PMADs and what these disorders can really look like. Sleep is a big factor and sleep deprivation is not “just a part of motherhood.” Motherhood is a gift but we don’t have to give up on our wellbeing.

Highlights from the show:

– Mothers who struggle with infertility or pregnancy loss can be a risk for postpartum depression.
– We discuss what postpartum eating disorders can look like.
– How there is still lack of knowledge in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) with medical professionals.
– Understanding the difference with each mood disorders and how the treatment can be treated differently.
– We talk about the importance of sleep in motherhood.
– If breastfeeding affecting your physical and mental health, should you reconsider?
– How much social media has changed the way we see motherhood.
– Stefani shares her postpartum depression story.



  • “I just think our generation has so much pressure on women.” – Stefani Reinold
  • “What I mean when I say feeling your feelings is that warm feeling you get when you see your baby blowing out their candle at their one-year-old candle.” – Stefani Reinold
  • “Motherhood is what brought me back to reality and to slow down.” – Diana Collins
  • “Your husband was never meant to be your therapist. He’s your friend, he’s your counselor, he’s your guidance, he’s your sounding board, and he is not trained in PMAD!” – Stefani Reinold

Meet Stefani!

Dr. Stefani Reinold is a Reproductive Psychiatrist, mother of two, and women’s mental health advocate. She has presented nationally and internationally on the topics of eating disorders, body dissatisfaction and body image in pregnancy and postpartum. Her mission is to encourage new moms to stop suffering and to start embracing motherhood.


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