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[S02003] Mama Needs Some Sleep Too with Ashley Olivine


Hey mama! When was the last time you got a good night’s rest? Your sleep along with your baby is so important. Happy well rest mama, happy baby!

Ashley Olivine joins me to chat about sleep issues we see in our mothers. She shares some tips and tricks as well as her own story of motherhood and her health issues that went undiagnosed by her own doctors for some time!

Highlights from the show:
– Ashley shares some typical sleep issues she sees a lot of mothers.
– What is cognitive behavioral therapy and how it can help treat sleep issues?
– Ashley shares some tips on how to shut your mind off while getting ready for bed.
– She explains what having a sleep coach looks like.
– We talk about mommy guilt and how we forget about ourselves.
– Ashley shares what her motherhood journey has looked at so far.
– The difference between tired and fatigued.


  • “There is no blood test for depression.” – Ashley Olivine
  • “If you can keep your stress under control, you can sleep well.” – Ashley Olivine
  • “Our moms are the foundation of the home and if she’s not stable, the home won’t be either.” – Diana Collins
  • “Why am I so weak when other moms were doing just fine?” – Ashley Olivine
  • “That was when I started giving myself permission to heal.” – Ashley Olivine

Meet Ashley!

Ashley is a Sleep Expert and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist who helps others manage stress and turn off an active mind so they can fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

Where can your find Ashley:

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