Season 02, Episode 04 - Recovering from Postpartum Depression with Nicole McCloud Diana Collins

[S02E004] Recovering from Postpartum Depression with Nicole McCloud



Nicole is a first-time mom to her sweet little boy. She says that she’s just a mom and an accountant BUT I think she’s a rockstar!

In today’s episode, we talk about her experience with postpartum depression. How she found a way to heal after being sent to the hospital. She shares how healing takes time and is different for everyone. Postpartum depression does not have a specific end date. No matter how long the journey takes for you, we will walk through it with you!

Enjoy the episode and share with a friend who may need some encouragement!


 Highlights from the show:

  • Nicole shares her mommy journey and her experience with postpartum depression.
  • How she ended up at the hospital for having intrusive thoughts and hit rock bottom.
  • The importance of educating our family and friends about maternal mental health.
  • How she realized how she needed to start healing after being in the hospital.
  • Nicole shares her healing journey and how healing looks different for everyone.
  • How reading a book and listening to other stories can help you heal!


  • “I didn’t really feel like myself, It kind of felt like the world was spinning around me and I was just standing still.” – Nicole McCloud
  • “I really wish someone would have prepared me and my husband for what was to come mentally.” – Nicole McCloud
  • “Physically I was healing but mentally it was just getting worse.” – Nicole McCloud


Helpful Resources:

Hoopla – Streaming audiobooks with your library card!

When The Bough Breaks A Documentary about Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Support International

2020 Mom

Nevada Maternal and Child Health Coalition

Postpartum Progress


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