Spending Time to Heal with Yvette Mystakas [S02E005]

[S02E005] Spending Time to Heal with Yvette Mystakas


Welcome back to the show mamas! Today, I am chatting with Yvette Mystakas of, “She is Sacred”! Yvette shares her powerful story of dealing with PPD/PPA and pregnancy loss. We talk about how she was able to spend the time to heal from all of these. It was not an easy journey but she truly is an inspiration.

 Highlights from the show:

  • Yvette shares her journey through motherhood.
  • How she spent the time on herself while healing from postpartum depression and anxiety.
  • Yvette shares her story of pregnancy loss.
  • Yvette and I talk about her experience with having a birth doula and how should have benefited from a postpartum doula.


– “It’s ok to ask for help.” – Yvette Mystakas
– “I used to feel so selfish asking for help.” -Yvette Mystakas
– “There is a village but, It’s not always going to be our family members.” – Yvette Mystakas

Meet Yvette!

Yvette Mystakas is the founder and owner of She is Sacred – a blog, which embraces Womanhood, Sisterhood, and Motherhood. She writes raw, from the heart, heartbreaking yet empowering words of her struggles with mental health, the importance of self-care and identity. Yvette has brought together women from across the globe sharing each other’s stories. Whether they are a mother, single woman, wife, girlfriend, she is reassuring that we are all not alone and to embrace this beautiful mess.

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